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This program is exclusive for DIGITAL companies (Internet/Mobile) and:

  • — Entrepreneurs implementing in Brazil one already proven business model from anywhere in the world or;
  • — innovative project that already has some traction in the Brazilian market.

Steps for Applying

  1. 1.Be sure you understand how our Acceleration Program works: read the About page and FAQ;
  2. 2.Click on "Application" and answer the online form (English or Portuguese);
  3. 3.You will see a notification if your form was submitted successfully. We will be in touch within next 30 to 60 days.

I don´t have a startup yet,
but I want to get involved with 21212!

Proceed only if you really understand and agree with the following points:

  • 1. The acceleration program is not a direct investment program. Through partnerships we will provide several services and products for your startup, besides methodology, tech/business directly support and mentorship. We don't do valuations; all startups receive exactly the same benefits.
  • 2. When you are accepted in the 21212 Acceleration Program, 21212 becomes your partner and receives passive equity in your company (the same kind as the founders have, i.e. Common Stock). The amount of equity in your company depends on your team and traction (users, revenue, etc.) in the market. Read the question "What my startup must give in return?" in our FAQ for more information.
  • 3. It´s mandatory to have at least one tech guy and one designer to develop the project. If you are alone in business side, find a partner until the selection panel (the last phase of our selection process).
  • 4. If you are from outside Rio de Janeiro, be informed that at least 2 people from your management team (CEO and CTO, ideally partners) must come to our office - from Tuesday to Thursday;
  • 5. It's not a problem if your company has or seek investors during the acceleration program, but we strongly suggest that you wait for the demo day;
  • 6. After the first 6 months of acceleration program, your company will still be part of 21212 Network as Alumnus, having access to several benefits.

Fill in the form carefully. Consider downloading the form and work off-line before submit.

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