Pedro Brasil


Pedro Brasil

Co-Founder & CEO at Hoggett Card

Pedro Brasil with an analytical profile, he loves to spend his time on debates about business economics, management structures and business models.

He has been growing as a professional aligning good business practices, gained from over eight years of strategic consulting, helping large companies in their marketing and strategic challenges.

Pedro has gained priceless skills that add up to a practical vision in executive and leadership positions.

He was marketing research manager at EJ PUC-Rio, co-founding partner and consultant at Pointer – Marketing Intelligence; a consultant at sitawi; co-founder and director at Dona Flor – Brazil’s largest direct-selling company of sensual products, with more than 60 thousand sales consultants all over the country.

He is the co-founder and CEO at Hoggett Card, a recently born start-up that is going to revolutionize the way we seek for pleasure and fun.