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Acceleration Program

  • Enrollment: who we are looking for

    • We are excited to meet digital startups that meet our major criteria:

      Entrepreneurs who want to implement a proven business model from elsewhere in the world here in Brazil.

      There are many digital projects developing and getting results in the US, Europe, and/or Asia that have not yet in come to Brazil. We are looking for entrepreneurs who have identified these opportunities and are adapting them to be developed successfully in Brazil.

      We would also love to be your partner in an innovative project that already has some traction in the Brazilian market.

      If your project is really new, without any reference in the world, some initial results, like growth of users, is necessary.

      Before enrolling in the 21212.com seed acceleration program, read through our entire website to understand clearly what 21212.com is, and how it can help your company. Click “Apply Now” and answer the short online form carefully. If it is a good fit, we will invite you for an in-person interview with our team.

  • Business direct Support: more results with less money!

    • During the acceleration process your startup will receive:

      1. Hands-on support from software engineers and designers to improve the development of your product (NOTE: you must have at least one great developer on your team!);

      2. Coaching from the business team – strategy, marketing, commercial and legal issues – in the day-to-day life of your company;

      3. Infrastructure: two people from your group (one from business, one from tech) will be in our office with all the infra-structure needed for a startup, interaction with others startups in a really cool environment;

      4. Services supplied from partners: your startup won’t need to cover all of the costs during the acceleration process because we’ve already set up several partnerships to fulfill the main needs of any digital startup. From hosting, to digital advertising and many others;

      5. Survival money: This is neither a valuation nor an investment. You’ll receive R$50k for other operational expenses.

  • Mentorship Process: experience matters. Improve your knowledge!

    • Mentorship is a structured process that happens during and after the 4 month program:

      1. Mentors: after some “matchmaking” sessions with mentors and startups, some mentors will be assigned to follow your startup. This process involves weekly meetings and reports. Since many mentors are Americans, many meetings happen through Skype.

      2. Advisors will also hold meetings to help solve specific issues. While they are not responsible for following the evolution of your entire business, they will be available to help with a specific item you are trying to solve or improve. Usually you’ll have more than 10 advisors from various knowledge areas during the program.

      3. Networking begins on day one. Not only from our relationships but also from all mentors and advisors. Networking is not bullshit here and has specific goals: to validate strategies in the market or to get commercial leads. Also, as an official Endeavor Global partner for digital startups in Brazil, we have access to the biggest and most amazing network of great entrepreneurs and executives around the world.

      4. Methodology: Lean Startup is a simple concept to understand (just read the book!), but a really complex cycle process to implement. We know that entrepreneurs don’t like processes, especially if they are cyclical! But here you will implement and follow lean startup methodology presenting the “lessons learned” from your business at a weekly session!

      5. Training: we’ve selected some topics for courses and workshops to improve the skills of our entrepreneurs. Among them are: business modeling, online advertising and SEO, UX, scrum and a 30h oratory course, which will give you the tools to make the perfect pitch in front of an audience of 300 people at Demo Day.

  • Demo Investors Day

    • After 4 months of acceleration, startups that have successfully found their market fit and have some traction (initial growth of the user base) are invited to participate in the Investor’s Demo Day, at which entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to pitch their projects to investors and funds – most of them from the US.

      Entrepreneurs will continue to have support from 21212.com as they enter the 21212.com Alumni community.  This includes aid in investment negotiations resulting from the Investor’s Demo Day.

About 21212 Accelerator

The 21212 formula?

  • Access to a great network in both Brazil and US

  • High quality startups and well vetted opportunities

  • Strong product innovation and market fit

  • Bring proven business models to the brazilian market

  • We employ successful startup philosophies: #leanstartup #bmgen #custdev

Why Brazil?

We love the people and natural beauty of Brazil, but we promise this is not the reason we decided to help startups here.

These are the reasons:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most of us have already created and sold digital startups and have succeeded in our business lives.  Now we want to give back and accelerate digital businesses in Brazil, which seems to be a fitting way to show our appreciation and help people with similar goals.


We advise you to read the entire list above following its current order. This is important for you to understand exactly how 21212 works. If you still have any questions, please contact us.