Alexandre Ribenboim


Alexandre Ribenboim

Founder and Director at Casa do Saber

Alexandre Ribenboim is an experienced entrepreneur and business consultant based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He was founding partner and executive at MLab, one of the leading Web consulting companies in Brazil from 1996 and 2001, and more recently was founder and Managing Director of Casa do Saber, a highly regarded education and cultural center in Rio de Janeiro. In 2008 Alexandre founded Pro-Laudo, a teleradiology company that is providing remote radiology reports to imaging centers and hospitals in Brazil.

As a management consultant, Alexandre advises companies in diverse industries such as information technology, culture and arts, environmental technologies, education and Web-based businesses. He works with senior management in projects related to corporate strategy, marketing and sales, finance, operations and process improvement.

Alexandre is a recognized expert in startup ventures in Brazil, with particular focus on Internet based companies (both web services and online retail).

Alexandre obtained MS and BS degrees in Computer Science from PUC-Rio, and an Executive MBA from a consortium of US universities (Stanford, Wharton, CMU, and Thunderbird) and is a corporate mentor at Endeavor.