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  • From entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs

    • 21212 is the first startup accelerator operating in Brazil. Created by entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience in the digital market (founders and / or members of companies like the Brazilian Movile, and the Americans Complex Media and Sling Media), its mission is to help entrepreneurs to create value in the growing Brazilian digital market.

      Over the course of 4-6 months, 21212 works tirelessly to improve the entrepreneurs who joined its acceleration program, working with an exclusive team and mentors in areas such as business, product, technology, marketing and commercial, financial, fundraising, and legal. The goal is that companies get ready to grow organically and through partnerships and investments made by the extensive network of corporations and investors of 21212 network.

      The Acceleration model is based on a long-term partnership. The accelerated companies give away a small portion of equity to 21212 at the beginning of the program, and can get ongoing support from 21212’s partners even after the acceleration program.

  • History: 2011-2015

    • 21212 initiated its first acceleration program in September 2011. In the following years, it played an important role in the development of the Brazilian digital ecosystem, with thousands of hours invested in hundreds of entrepreneurial activities around Brazil. More than 2,500 startups were assessed in its selection process and 42 of them participated in the acceleration program. The 6 accelerated classes included almost 200 entrepreneurs, who spent months working closely with the 21212 team and took their new experience and learning to hundreds of employees. Many of these companies have achieved excellent results, with cases of leadership in specific industries, internationalization, extensive fundraising and acquisitions.

      In 2014, 21212 decided to invest in entrepreneurial education with the development of 21212 Academy – an online and free platform focused on empowering young entrepreneurs by providing access to all the knowledge and experience accumulated in its acceleration programs. In just nine months since its launch, text and video content from 21212 Academy impacted and connected more than 40,000 entrepreneurs in Brazil.

      In 2015, after conducting its first major exit and write another success story in the Brazilian Internet history with the acquisition of ZeroPaper by Intuit (read more about this story), 21212 began to focus on active portfolio companies that currently are in a strategic position to grow rapidly and lead the consolidation of its markets in the short and medium term.


About 21212 Accelerator

The 21212 formula?

  • Access to a great network in both Brazil and US

  • High quality startups and well vetted opportunities

  • Strong product innovation and market fit

  • Bring proven business models to the brazilian market

  • We employ successful startup philosophies: #leanstartup #bmgen #custdev

Why Brazil?

We love the people and natural beauty of Brazil, but we promise this is not the reason we decided to help startups here.

These are the reasons:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Most of us have already created and sold digital startups and have succeeded in our business lives.  Now we want to give back and accelerate digital businesses in Brazil, which seems to be a fitting way to show our appreciation and help people with similar goals.


We advise you to read the entire list above following its current order. This is important for you to understand exactly how 21212 works. If you still have any questions, please contact us.