1) We are a seed accelerator of digital businesses in Brazil. Still confusing? Click here.

2) Our name is a joke from our origin (21 = Rio, 212 = NY) and it’s also the master password of all our accounts.

3) We are not supported by Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy, and we are not forced to use this perfume. It’s not bad though.

4) It’s important to remember that we are very very fast, so get used to it.

5) Our website is written in English, mas você também encontrará conteúdo em português em todas as nossas páginas (blog, Twitter, Facebook…).

6) Some people say we are the result of a scientific experiment that mixed young nerds and successful entrepreneurs. Yeah, maybe.

7) We learned the most innovative methodologies from those who made them – anywhere.

8) We seek entrepreneurs and developers who fit into the following categories: Bulwark, Rock Stars or Ninjas.

9) We promise we will help developing the Brazilian digital ecosystem. Wanna bet?

10) If you’ve got here, we know you will come back. It will be worth it! Satisfaction is guaranteed, but you will only know if you apply.

Welcome to 21212 Community Lounge!