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We are proud to officially announce the investment of R$ 10M into 21212 from DXA Investments. We entered 2013 with big plans to improve our program and offer even more entrepreneurs the opportunity to work together in building the best digital businesses in Brazil. The investment and partnership with DXA will help us realize those plans as we expand from 2 to 3 programs per year, work with a broader range of companies and expand our ability to help those companies grow quickly and finance their companies.

The investment was recently announced in O Globo (Negócios & CIA) and in an article in PEGN Online featuring our partner Frederico Lacerda. Frederico describes how “we were looking for an intelligent investment and not just capital. DXA Investments will bring together knowledge, especially in the area of venture capital.” Take a look at the full article here.

If you are interested in more details about our 2012 results and the changes we made in our new acceleration model, click here to read this previous blog post.