We hope that you have enjoyed watching the videos we have shared so far of the companies that presented at the second 21212 Demo Day!

Now we would like to introduce to you two other great companies: Bidcorp and Site Sustentavel.

Bidcorp is a marketplace that manages and sells surplus assets from completed construction sites to other construction contractors, businesses, or individual consumers.Through their online platform, construction companies can make their new and used assets available to the brazilian market at very attractive prices. Additionally, this company offers all the necessary services to make these transactions possible, such as marketing, client interactions, payment management, and logistics.

Site Sustentavel offers a way for e-commerce websites to show to their clients that they are environmentally conscious. This company provides a seal on websites for companies who pay to plant enough trees to neutralize their carbon footprint. Given the amount of energy it takes to run servers, and the large amount of public interest around the environment, Site Sustentavel is the perfect way for websites to show customers their commitment to sustainability.

Please feel free to watch the rest of the videos of our companies on Vimeo. Enjoy!