As we mentioned in our last post, 21212 hosted its second Demo Day on October 19th, 2012, and we are very proud of the outcome and of our companies’ performance. We already shared with you videos of two great companies, Zeropaper and Queremos, pitching their ideas at the event. We hope that you enjoyed their presentations.

Now, we would like to share with you the videos of two other companies, Easyaula and WeGoOut.

Easyaula is an online marketplace for offline classes. It connects students, teachers and local venues, enabling individuals to easily offer a class in absolutely any subject. Easyaula features all types of classes, from academic tutoring to dance, music and professional development.

WeGoOut is a social night-life-discovery platform that suggests, specifically to you, the most popular events, places near you and events where your friends are going. This innovative platform shows you details about who is going to events and parties and also provides real-life information by showing live photos.

Once again we would like to invite you to watch the rest of the videos on Vimeo if you do not want to wait until the next posts. Enjoy!