On October 19th 2012 we were very proud to host our second Demo Day! The energy was amazing and we had great presentations during the event. Unfortunately, we could not open the event for everyone and we know that not everyone had the chance to watch it on Livestream.

For this reason, we want to share with you the videos of our companies pitching during the event.

Today we have selected two companies, Queremos and Zeropaper.

Queremos is an online platform to crowdfund and promote concerts and live events. Fans depend on local producers to bring their favorite bands to play in their city, producers take too many risks producing concerts and artists don’t play as much as they want. Queremos puts together fans, producers and artists in order to reduce producers risks, help artists know where people want them to play and give power to the fans so that they can choose the artists they want to bring to their city.

Zeropaper is solving small businesses’ problems regarding financial management. Zeropaper offers a simple and intuitive tool where companies only need to input their financial data and the system provides them with reports and analyses of the company’s situation. Zeropaper also aggregates expense data from the physical notes and invoices for businesses and organizes it in an easy-to-read format.

We will post the other videos on the following days, but feel free to watch the rest of them on Vimeo.