Last Monday we held our fourth 21212 Investor Day and it was a huge success! For the first time ever, it took place in São Paulo.

AWSThis decision was based on our goal of promoting tech innovation throughout Brazil by helping to foster the connection of the thriving cultures between these two cities. We were pleased to bring our 21212 team, entrepreneurs and our network of investors together for this event. It wouldn’t have been possible without Amazon Web Services, our gold sponsor, Movile, our supporting sponsor, and Anjos do Brasil and Insper, our event partners.


Marcelo Sales welcoming guests

The event was held at Insper (Institution of Education and Research). It commenced in the reception with a few minutes for our guests to gather together, network and chat. At 7:30pm the doors to the auditorium opened and our guests took their seats, eager for the presentation to begin.


Ricardo Moraes pitching for Memed

Three of our 21212 founders, Benjamin White, Marcelo Sales and Frederico Lacerda, took the stage to welcome everyone and explain how our Investor Day is a critical moment for startups to gain exposure, hear new insight and discuss future funding possibilities. Following this, Natalie Witte gave an overview of the legal aspects of investing in startups, providing valuable information about convertible notes for investors looking to fund 21212 startups.



Arthur pitching for Estoks

The next part of the event was devoted to our 21212 startups. Eight companies took the stage and presented the pitches they had been preparing for the past few weeks. The energy in the room was palpable and innovative ideas flourished! Pitches focused on describing their solution to a specific problem, showing their progress and growth and highlighting their long-term objectives.  Selo Reserva was the first company to present, followed by GoBooksEasyAulaOficializeInstaquadrosMonogrameEstoks and Memed. All companies, with the exception of Oficialize, presented at our previous Investor Day in Rio this March and the pitches showed an impressive amount of growth since then. Companies demonstrated more traction, increasing customer bases, scaling and impressive financials.



After the pitches, everyone gathered together in the reception to mingle and talk further. Thanks everyone who made it out and we look forward to seeing you at our Demo Day this October![


21212 team