The BLOOM conference will take place on Monday, May 13th from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Cattedrale – Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan and will bring together entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and innovators from Italy, Europe, South Africa, Brazil and Russia! Top level keynote speakers and panelists will describe some of the most successful startups and give an in-depth view into the growing investment opportunities and expanding networks.

Marcelo Sales, one of the international keynote speakers, will speak in the “Brazilian Panel” and in the “Hottest Worldwide Accelerators Panel.” He will be representing 21212 and sharing his views on the rapid growth of the Brazilian Startup Ecosystem.

Sebastián Saaibi has been selected to present Aentrópico, a startup focused on Big Data that is currently being accelerated by 21212. He will also represent Brazil at BLOOM and participate in the Brazilian Panel along with Buzztore from Intentio, (, and Captalis (

The BLOOM Global Business Showcase Conference is a high-profile event with two full days of intense networking, meetings and seminars. Sebastián will have the chance to meet international investors and successful Italian, Russian and South African entrepreneurs!

The conference will consist of various sessions:

ü Italian Seed Arena

The top 10 Italian start-ups selected from “Start-up Factor” will be evaluated by a jury based on:

– A video pitch

– Accomplishment of an assigned task – the participants will have an hour to complete the task,

allowing the jury to evaluate the team and its analytical and problem solving capabilities.

The 3 start-ups that achieve the best score on the above mentioned trials will then each have

seven minutes to deliver a ted speech!

ü International Seed Stage – Growth Stage

Presentation of the best international start-up proposals from the U-START network of

incubators and accelerators worldwide.

ü Panel Discussion

Overview of the most promising ventures within the start-up ecosystem of the U-START Network

See the Conference Program to discover the keynote speakers and the best international startups

of the various sessions! BLOOM is all about how opportunities can take shape and become new businesses!

If you are an Investor join the conference by signing up on U-Start selecting BLOOM in the drop

down menu (under the section “I’m an U- Investor”) If you want to be part of the audience during the 13th May conference, register here. For further information, please see our website BLOOM or contact U-Start at

We spoke with Sebastian to hear some of his thoughts about Aentrópico and his participation in BLOOM. Take a look at the interview below.

** **

What are the main benefits Aentrópico’s services can bring for medium to large businesses?

We’re offering concrete answers to particular business concerns for business managers of medium or large businesses. Nowadays, if managers want to solve specific problems, they must buy an expensive software license, hire a team of analysts and host a powerful IT infrastructure. On top of that, these analysts will take between 3-6 months tackling a particular problem. At Aentrópico we eliminate the need of an expensive IT infrastructure and analytics team by bringing implementation times from months to weeks and increasing usability so that people without a strong mathematical/technical background can have access to sophisticated algorithms and get predictive insight to make informed data-driven decisions.


Sebastián Saaibi pitching at GEC 2013 in Rio

** **What is your view of the Big Data market in Brazil and how is it evolving?

We’re sitting on a large 10B USD Market for Business Intelligence and Analytics, which is expected to grow to 50B USD in the next 5 years. Big Data interest is growing in the whole world, Brazil is no exception. In Brazil, companies are already starting to raise awareness and express interest in becoming more data-driven. Our aim is to cater promising industries where enterprise adoption has already begun, such as retail, oil and gas and mobile. It is very interesting to see managers of different industries in Brazil already aware of their data analysis needs, but it is even more interesting to see that they see in Aentrópico exactly what they need to simplify the workflow to get intuition from data.

** **

What are you looking forward to at the BLOOM conference?

We’re looking forward to gain direct exposure to European Angel and VC groups. Given that some attendees will surely be industry representatives, we would like them to be early adopters of our technology and platform. Last, but not least, we’re raising our seed round and are using the event as a platform to close it in a successful way, while strengthening our ties in Europe and define an expansion strategy.