21212 has just partnered with New Relic, an SaaS application performance management company from San Francisco, California. New Relic lets you monitor, troubleshoot and scale a web app, keeping it from slowing down with the increase of visitors. They make it easy by showing the most important performance data for your app in real time. Arley Moura, of 21212’s start-up ZeroPaper, has been using New Relic and told us a little about how it has helped them out:

“We work daily with New Relic, their analysis of our app is fantastic. It is an indispensable tool for whoever wants an application with a stable performance.

When launching our product, we didn’t know exactly which bottlenecks would make it slower. New Relic helped us make a thorough analysis and discover the critical points that were slowing the application down. With this information, we were able to make the adjustments needed, saving work and time. We increased the speed of by 60% and every day we are working to make it even better.

New Relic provided us with a complete map of the behavior of our application. It included features like: page load times, slow browser performance problems, and analysis of our database operations.

With all of this information now available, the decisions made by IT are much more useful.”

We are excited for our entrepreneurs here at 21212 to have access to this awesome service and keep their web apps up to speed!