After completing our first two acceleration programs, and now in our third, we have come to realize the importance of data analysis in the entrepreneurial process. Starting a business is all about asking, and answering, a growing list of questions. What do my customers want from me? How much are they willing to pay? Where can I find them?

Answering these questions successfully determines whether a fledgling venture will succeed or fail. And the only way to come up with answers is to dig into your data.

In this spirit, we are happy to announce that we have recently partnered with RJMetrics, a leading business intelligence platform for eCommerce and SaaS businesses. RJMetrics helps some of the fastest-growing venture funded businesses understand and accelerate their growth, including Fab.com, Hootsuite, Threadless, and more. And now, it’s going to power the explosive growth of 21212’s startups!

RJMetrics also provides plenty of educational resources for those of you who are entrepreneurs but may not (yet!) be PhD’s in startup analytics. Be sure to check out some of their best content, including an introduction to cohort analysis, an introduction to statistical significance in A/B testing, and an introduction to calculating your churn rate.

21212 start-ups are excited to use RJMetrics to empower their decisions!