This Monday, June 24th, we will be holding our fourth Investor Day! For the first time ever we are switching the scene and taking our team of entrepreneurs and staff to São Paulo! Eight 21212 startups will be pitching to an international gathering of over 200 VC’s, seed funds and angel investors, including the local investment community and the reputable investment funds Redpoint eVenturesPerforma Investimentos and Initial Capital. We would also like to give a big thanks to AWS, our gold sponsor, Movile, our supporting sponsor, and Anjos do Brasil and Insper, our event partners.


Our Investor Day represents a significant moment for our startups participating in our Acceleration Program, giving them the chance to present their results after months of hard work, drive and motivation. It is more than just an opportunity to potentially secure further funding, but also a time to exchange ideas, engage with knowledgeable and experienced people and continue the process of learning and gaining valuable insight.


With 25 companies currently in our portfolio, we are excited to see these eight pitching this Monday:

Easyaula – An online EdTech platform that connects people willing to share their skills with those interested in learning them. The marketplace features a range of both online and offline courses.

eStoks – A marketplace that focuses on managing and selling inventory and surplus assets from different industries. They originally started in the construction industry and have recently expanded  to other sectors.

GoBooks – Brazil’s first textbook rental service that offers students an attractive alternative to paying full price for new books or illegally photocopying individual pages, saving them both money and time.

Instaquadros – Brazil’s first crowdsourced art marketplace where amateur and professional photographers and designers can create free, online galleries and turn their digital art into custom made products to use or sell to others.

Memed – An online tool that allows doctors to search for and prescribe medicine while drug companies can list and update products. They aim to implement an e-prescription model in Brazil that improves patient safety and promotes efficiency and convenience.

Monograme – An online fashion brand that offers luxury basics for an affordable price. By implementing a super-lean supply chan, Monograme cuts out the middlemen, brand markups and import taxes, providing Brazilians with quality clothing for a low price.

Oficialize – An online platform that facilitates the incorporation of companies for small and medium-sized businesses. They provide a quick, efficient and bureaucracy free solution for business owners.

Selo Reserva – An online platform based on a flash sales model that provides wine lovers and foodies with local and international wine and haute gastronomie goods.

It is exciting to see how much digital innovation has grown in Brazil since the days when we had some of our first startups entering our program. We hope to continue strengthening tech ingenuity and advancement and look forward to seeing everyone who will make it out to our upcoming Investor Day!

21212 Team