We are proud to announce our new partnership with LoginRadius, an SaaS solution that has helped more than 50,000 businesses globally! They provide great techniques for businesses to fully leverage social media for everything from marketing strategies to data analysis.


LoginRadius has integrated over 20 different social media networks, allowing clients to login to websites through their social media accounts. According to LoginRadius, 54% of users leave a website if they are asked to fill out a registration form. Enabling logins through social media not only reduces this percentage, but also increases the time users spend on a website and decreases spammers.

LoginRadius also collects the data from the users’ social media accounts, allowing businesses to capture data that usually isn’t part of a registration form so they can personalize their user experience. Through this social media integration, LoginRadius helps businesses go viral with minimal marketing costs by reaching out online to large audiences. They also work with “online word of mouth marketing” where users can share web content with more than 100 social networks.

In addition to these benefits, LoginRadius also uses the information they capture to help businesses make data-driven decisions! They analyze and organize data to provide businesses with insights into their user base and business and allow the businesses to see the effect of their social media marketing campaigns.

LoginRadius is a great tool that will help our 21212 entrepreneurs with social network API integration, saving them time and letting them focus on growing their businesses. With so much importance placed on marketing through social media these days, we see LoginRadius as a truly innovative and useful tool. We are excited to have them as a new partner here at 21212!