On March 19th, we held our 21212 Investor’s Day and we are proud to say that it has exceeded our expectations! We would like to congratulate everyone who was a part of the event and thank all our guests for coming. Our entrepreneurs and staff had been working hard in preparation and we could feel the excitement in the room throughout the night!


At 8:00 pm the doors opened and respected investors from around the world took their seats. Our 21212 founders, Marcelo, Ben, Rafael, Frederico and Jeff kicked off the event describing how 21212 is working hard to transform the digital startup ecosystem in Brazil. Following this introduction, nine entrepreneurs took the stage and pitched their ideas to an eager audience. They kept their pitches short, sweet and engaging and impactful. Three of the entrepreneurs came from companies who graduated from our previous programs: BidCorp, EasyAula, and PagPop. The other six were from companies from our current Acceleration Program. Here they are:

Selo Reserva is an online platform for purchasing local and international wine and haute gastronomie goods. Through a flash sale model, Selo Reserva gives customers access to premium content curated by world-renowned chefs and sommeliers.

 GoBooks enables students to save money on textbooks by renting them online. They offer an attractive alternative to paying full-price for new books and to illegally photocopying page by page. They are the first textbook rental service in Brazil, where the number of university students is expected to grow to 10 million within the next decade.

54TlU-MYnURDmSiVTpLpBox9OwvtWfG2DWQN9nZys9s Instaquadros enables amateur and professional photographers to turn their digital pictures into custom-made decorations to use -2KKNos3VwGeslEzAxZcpOau-NISpoOs4NjG21Yo_VUthemselves or sell in a global marketplace. Brazil has an untapped market of 65M Facebook users and 55M smartphone users and, simultaneously, an opportunity in the home decorations market. They have already registered 2K artists and published 96K photos.

 Monograme is a Brazilian online-only clothing shop offering luxury basic essentials at an accessible price point. Brazil’s import duties and inefficient supply chains keep clothing unreasonably high. Monograme aims to circumvent the cost of physical stores, middlemen and brand markups and sell to Brazil’s rapidly growing middle class.

 Aentrópico is a predictive analysis platform that empowers managers to make informed decisions in a simple and intuitive manner. They combine the best user experience with top-notch applied statistics to bring algorithms that can easily be understood by non-tech users. With a growing interest in Big Data in the Brazilian market, their vision is to become the Amazon for Data Science. They have run paid pilot projects in Colombia and Mexico across three different industries.

 hV55IYbOYeOmAvoSYGaUMZL9tOwKJaXeYY5u4rTdChYMemed is Brazil’s first web-based e-prescription service and social collaboration tool for doctors. They have launched a live beta version of a prescription creating app for dermatologists with 1,100+ products catalogued and 3,000+ prescriptions made. They plan to expand to all medical specialties.

The pitches were all well-received and had many investors excited to learn more. The rest of the night was filled with networking, talking, laughing, beer and wine! We are proud to have another successful Investor Day and congratulations again to our amazing entrepreneurs!

And one last thing, don’t forget our application selection process runs year round. We have a dedicated group of people reviewing applications and meeting new companies every day.If you think your company is right for our program, go ahead and apply!