Brandship went to Santa Marta Community in Botafogo to have lunch today and wants to help a local entrepreneur to use digital media.

Bar do Zequinha used to be a lookout for local drug-dealers but today lots of tourists go there to lunch and chill out during a guided tour to that community. The fried chicken is terrific but our entrepreneurs chose the pork chops instead plus all the trimmings (rice, beans, salad and – since we are in Brazil – farofa and fritas – the local french fries). The fries are delicious – remembers Renny Pereira, Brandship’s Chief of Design. Zequinha serves bier in the right temperature (extremly cold!) and the place is near the inclined plane’s third station.

Don’t be afraid to be lost in the narrow streets of the community, the locals are always happy to help. The company has added the bar in Foursquare and Andre Nakamura, co-founder of Brandship, says that he will fight to be the mayor! This is only the beginning: the startup will lunch there again next week, but now with the 21212 team!

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