Yesterday we held another edition of our 21212 Investor Day, in Rio de Janeiro. First, we want to thank everyone who was able to make it out to our event. We are fortunate to have such a dedicated, passionate community of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and staff, and we value the opportunity to bring everyone together.

The event wouldn’t have been possible without our sponsors IBM and Movile, who are supporting our program during 2014.

InvestorsDay-0748 2

Benjamin White and Marcelo Sales from 21212



Two of our 21212 founders, Benjamin White and Marcelo Sales, took the stage to welcome everyone and explain how our Investor Day is a critical moment for startups to gain exposure, hear new insight and discuss future funding possibilities. Following this, Antonio Amaral gave an overview of the 21212 Investment Circle, an opportunity for investors to invest in 21212.

We also had the pleasure to welcome one of Y Combinator’s part-time partners, Michael Seibel, who was previously a successful entrepreneur as founder and CEO of Justin.tv (2007-2011) and Socialcam (2012). Read more about Michael here.

InvestorsDay-0765 2

Michael Seibel, part-time partnet at Y Combinator



The second part of the event was focused on our companies. Nine companies from different batches of 21212 took the stage and presented the pitches they had been preparing for the past few days. Razoom was the first company to present, followed by RespondeAí, MaxMilhas, Ahladim / TOS+, PagPop, WeDemand, GoBooks, We Do Logos and Superplayer. While some companies demonstrated their initial validation and early results, others presented big traction, increasing customer bases and impressive financials.

If you’re interested in investment or partnership opportunities with any of them, please reach out to us at  investors@21212.com.




We invite you to contact us about getting involved in 21212 in any of the following ways:

– If you are interested in investing in our companies or 21212 Investment Circle, please contact investors@21212.com;

– If you belive your company can get advantage of our acceleration program, please apply to our Acceleration Program. Applications are open and we will continue to accept startup applications year round;

– If you would like to sponsor our next Demo Day, please reach out to us at events@21212.com.

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21212 Team