Last month, 21212 hosted Desafio Criativo 21212. The event featured a few lectures in the morning from 21212 staff and mentors.

Rodrigo Martins opened up with a talk about how design can make a difference in the success of a startup.  He was followed up by Marcelo Sales who talked about Brazil’s startup ecosystem and the importance of this moment for Brazilian entrepreneurs.

Marcus Ribeiro continued by giving a small workshop on business model generation methodology and the business model canvas.

To finish off the presentations, Ana Silveira explained how to make an effective 8-minute pitch.

After that, the designers were split up into teams and given the task to create a solution in the areas of sustainability, civil construction, education, and freelancing.

Each team discussed their ideas with members of the 21212 team who served as mentors in the process and at the end of the process, they presented for the judges, who included some of 21212’s entrepreneurs.

The event was a success, two designers who participated are now working for our startups.  Check out more information about how it went from Desafio Criativo, Pulso Social, and Startupi.  Also, look at our album on Facebook and Google+.

Thanks to Desafio Criativo and we look forward to our next event!