We’ve just had an awesome time in São Paulo attending the 5th RubyConfBR event. It was the first time we have been and we really enjoyed it!

One of the greatest things about the Ruby community is the social aspect, and this event reflected that perfectly.  We were able to meet many new people and connect with some friends.

We arrived in São Paulo on Wednesday, the day before the conference.  We enjoyed the hospitality from our friends at Plataformatec’s Office.  We weren’t expecting the ‘pre-event’ gathering they planned to have at a nearby pizza bar. It was great to meet with some of the event speakers and some brazilian geek celebrities.

About the brazilian geek celebrities, these are people that contribute to open source projects – such as Ruby on Rails, TorqueBox, etc.

Here are some services, bookmarks and tips we learned during the event:

eventials.com/rubyconfbr2012 – for all videos of the event

Padding=marging=font size – rule of thumb for developers

Portlandia – a documentary about Portland and the weird people that live there


metrics.librato.com ($0.000002 per measurement)



Adhearsion.com – opensource voice application framework

github.com/travis-ci – constant integration made -really- easy

github.com/plataformatec/mail_form – contact forms made easy

papertrailapp.com – to unify all your logs


codeplane.com.br – 2Gb of GIT repository & unlimited users for R$15,00 / month

code.google.com/p/gerrit – an opensource codereview system

mapeditor.org – free map editor for your sidescroller world domination projects


sikuli.org – UI automation made super easy by findind image patterns on your screen

iconarchive.com – for free icons

stripegenerator.com – for design-challenged people like myself

fontsquirrel.com – commercial use-free fonts

In conclusion, I’m enjoying more and more being part of the Ruby community. These guys (and gals) rock! There’s no good reason why we don’t have an annual event like that in Rio. I guess it’ll be easy to convince people to come to our city :)