This post was written by Marcos Barreto, a 21212 business member who helps guide our selection process.

21212 is always looking for hot new startups. Our selection process is open year-round and startups can start the acceleration program as soon as they are chosen. If you are an entrepreneur motivated to be the biggest and best in your sector, come apply to 21212.

But how are startups accepted into the program? What is 21212 really looking for? First, we need to clarify how the selection process works. Companies apply to the program on our website and, after an analysis of the applications, we select a small percentage for an interview with a 21212 team member. Below are some of the most important factors we take into account throughout the selection process.


21212 staff reading some new applications



We believe the most important aspect of a great startup team is that it is complete and well-rounded. We look for focused, hard-working teams with members specialized in business, development and design. We don’t look for startups that hire part-time teams or outsource their tech work to software houses.

During the acceleration program, it is important that the entrepreneurs are available to come to Rio de Janeiro from at least Tuesday through Thursday to take advantage of the support 21212 can offer. We have an awesome co-working space in Botafogo where our startups are based and can take part in workshops and happy hours.

Startups that show they have a great team will be given an advantage in our selection process.

Business Model

A business model is another important component we take into account so we can have a better understanding of how the startup works. We don’t expect startups to have a 200 page business plan because it can become useless quickly from unexpected changes in the market. Instead, we encourage entrepreneurs to take a look at Osterwalders’s Business Model Canvas as a simple, straightforward guide to describe their business.


We love ideas but, unfortunately, there are so many out there it’s difficult to choose a startup solely based on their idea. If you have a brilliant business idea, stop planning and put it into practice.

We look for startups that, in addition to having a great idea, understand the operations of their company and their business model. The best way to prove that your team can be successful is by showing traction.

If you have an idea but don’t know how to start your business, consider taking a look at some books that guide our acceleration program Lean Startup, Business Model Generation e o Startup Owner`s Manual.

For any other questions regarding our acceleration program, you can read about us on our website. If you are ready for the acceleration program, feel free to apply! We look forward to hearing from you!