Easyaula is an online platform that allows anyone to teach a class.  It is part of the wave that is transforming education and supplementing what we learn in school and reminding us that we should never stop learning.  Here are a few thoughts from the CEO, Diego Alvarez about the company and his experience.

What’s the philosophy behind your startup?

Short answer: Everybody has something to teach and something to learn.

The current education system doesn’t prepare people for success anymore. Non-traditional education has been a powerful alternative in helping people achieve their professional and personal goals. We believe that this non-traditional education can be democratized if everybody with some valuable knowledge is able to share and monetize that expertise.

How does Easyaula democratize non-traditional education?

Enabling people to learn anything from anyone. We empower people with tools and services that help them to offer classes, talks, courses and workshops, monetizing their expertise.

Easyaula offers many tools and services, ranging from online payment to digital marketing and support on finding a place to run the class.
Students benefit from having classes of a wide range of subjects, from how to make sushi to how to accelerate your startup.

You went to ITA (Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica), how did that impact your idea to start this company?

ITA is the most prestigious engineering school in Brazil. I learned a lot there and built a strong engineering background and network.

However, though I think this background will help me a lot in the long run, I couldn’t see how to apply what I was learning in classroom at work, where I had to know and deal with the latest technologies.

To be successful and get my dream job I had to learn tons of skills outside the classroom and that motivated me to resign from the job and start Easyaula.

Tell us about your experience in building your company so far?

It has been the most inspiring experience I have had in my life so far. I face big challenges everyday and learn a lot from them! It’s a lot of hard (very hard) work, but seeing the results of that make our Team keep going highly motivated.

The support and expertise offered by 21212 has been fundamental and I see a huge perspective for both of us.

How can I teach a class? 

Right now, we are live with a closed beta version and are selecting our teachers. You can apply to become one filling out this form. We’ll analyze your information and get in contact.