With Demo Day only 16 days away, we would like to introduce another one of our startups currently preparing to present Site Sustentavel.  They provide a seal on websites who reduce their carbon footprint by planting trees.  The site, wants to help make sites more sustainable, not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because it makes business sense.  The site is running so be sure to visit and make your site sustainable!  Co-founder Rodrigo Torrentes is here to tell you a bit more about it.

How does Site Sustentavel work?

Site Sustentavel calculates a website’s carbon footprint based on page views and show how many trees needed to contract to neutralize its consumption.

What was your motivation behind starting the company?

We always wanted to create a powerful tool to do something, anything, to help change our country.

We came up with a tool that is beyond that dream, and it will help to solve a problem around the globe!

Why does the world need Site Sustentavel?

Today the countries that most consume energy are China, USA, Russian, and India. If Data Centers were a country, they would be number five on that list. Site Sustentavel has a mission to minimize that energy consumption and compensate for it by planting trees.

Why does my website need Site Sustentavel?

Site Sustentavel provides brand strength to the website. It also helps to increase the website’s organic traffic through link exchange, and increase e-commerce sales  while retaining more engaged customers.

What do I need to do to get your Seal?

It is very simple to make your website green. You go to SiteSustentavel.com.br, inform how many page views your website haves, enter your website’s information, and make the payment. After that, you will receive our seal and our partners will plant the trees according to your website’s page views.