Today we read an article from Escape from Cubicle Nation, a blog published by Pamela Slim.

We though it would be nice to share it here because it brings one of our biggest learnings – the one that increases our chances of creating successful business!

Both Pam and us agree that the enemy of a new entrepreneur is endless planning and  perfection. As experienced entrepreneurs, we already understood that if we spend too much time thinking on how to do what we want, and even worst, if we execute our plan using a single path, our chances to get what we want are close to NONE.

So if you are an entrepreneur in an early-stage startup, and you decide that you need to have some candies in your office to make your team more motivated, how could you get it for free? Don’t waste your time preparing a huge Powerpoint deck and visiting just one candy store; call twenty stores, and do it fast! You will probably increase your chances of getting some candies for free – and following the same logic in other daily activities, you will accelerate your startup development.

Click here to read the original article written by Pam.

In Pam’s words once more: Entrepreneurship is a marathon. Train for it!.