For our Weekly Talk on January 24th, Marco Fisbhen, the founder of Descomplica!, gave a presentation on investor relations. Descomplica! is an online platform that provides low-cost, multidisciplinary online classes to help students study for the vestibular, the Brazilian college entrance exam. Through his work, Marco has inspired students across Brazil and helped them get into their dream universities!

Marco Fisbhen

During the presentation, Fisbhen shared some helpful tips for securing investments:

– “Sou muito favor de fazer menos.” (I believe in doing less)

When thinking of an idea for your startup, don’t try to revolutionize. Instead, focus on one simple, clear goal and take it from there. For Fisbhen, this meant two things: all high school curriculum + online videos.

– Make a clear presentation

All that is needed is a simple frame that is easy to understand and communicate.

– Find an angel investor

Research the investors you are interested in and look for ones with a management team and board.

– Write a business plan.

Even if you think it is completely useless and will get you absolutely nowhere, just do it. Sit, think and write, and you are bound to discover something unexpected.

– Surround yourself with the right people.

Hang out with other awesome, amazing people who inspire you, motivate you and push you forward.

– $$$ = gasoline

Remember that you don’t need a huge investment right away. You just need enough to get you where you need to go in that moment.

– N X $100,000

Decide whether you aim to secure one large investment or several smaller ones.

– Top characteristics angel investors are looking for:


– Enthusiasm – The most important quality!

– Credibility – Demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of the context of your business.

– Scalability/Sales – Understand how to maintain efficiency with the growth of your business.

– Product design – Have a nice layout, although this is not always the first thing investors look at.

– Return –  Show that you understand how  to look forward and measure your business return. This will save you a lot of stress later on.

– Track record – Show that your past performances have been successful.

– Execution – Demonstrate the results you will have  to show between your first meeting and the second (between 3-6 months).


Check out this quick interview with Marco after the talk!

Thanks to Marco for stopping by and telling us about his experiences! You can follow him on twitter at @marco_fisbhen.