This is a guest blog post written by Jefferson Pita dos Santos from Kinetics Mobile that explains new technology, NearBytes.

The idea for NearBytes came about when Kinetics Mobile was developing a Trading Card Game for mobile devices. We needed a tool that would allow us to transfer small amounts of data between devices, without internet connection or Bluetooth’s pairing problems. We didn’t consider NFC, because the solution had to be already functioning on most devices already, including iOS devices. To solve this problem, we ended up developing a new technology: NearBytes.

nearbytes5The technology we’ve developed allows the transfer of small amounts of data between different devices, without using an internet connection. The only required resources are speakers and a microphone. To send the information, NearBytes transforms the data into sound, then emits it. When the receiver’s device identifies the sound, NearByte’s technology transforms the audio into data. In short, NearBytes is a technology that allows the transfer of information between devices through the emission and reception of sound. The sound that contains data.

NearBytes is starting up a new era of applications which are characterized by their ability to communicate by proximity. A wide range of applications can be developed using NearBytes: payment apps, ticketing, promotional apps and many games can be enhanced with NearBytes integration, and not just cards games.

This technology is already available using the NearBytes SDK, that allows the integration of the technology in iOS and Android apps. Our company is developping SDKs with this technology for different platforms like Windows, Windows Phone and Linux. There are already a few apps in the market using NearBytes, such as S-Contact, an app used for exchanging personal and business contacts. You can check it out here, or look at S-Contact in Google Play or iTunes.

At the NearBytes website you can register as a developer, download the SDK and start using it right now. The company maintains the Developer Area offering tutorials, videos and support for the developers who want to understand and use NearBytes in their applications.

NearBytes is available for integration, and our company stimulates its use as much as possible, with different purposes, on the different available platforms in the market. Due to the time spent developing and perfecting NearBytes, we haven’t had time to finish the Trading Cards Game, but we would be happy to help anyone who wants to develop it. Does anybody want to help us?