We’re getting near the end of our selection process:

Below are some of our main criteria for evaluation:

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Eliminating factors: If you don’t meet these criteria, then right now, it’s not the best time for you to apply

. A complete team: Startups without a complete team, or founders who aren’t completely dedicated to the product won’t reach the fastest growth rates possible.It’s absolutely fundamental that the team contain an entrepreneur in the area of business with knowledge of the market you are pursuing, a “developer geek/nerd” and a desinger

. Product Launched: The 21212 program is extremely intense and in order to see the most aggressive results, it’s necessary to your product already online and functioning.

Highly desired:  Your startup will have a big advantage over those who don’t have the following characteristics

. User Base with an increasing rate of user growth! This doesn’t guarantee that your business will continue to significantly scale but it’s an excellent start!

Strongest Candidates: Startups in this stage will get the best results from our process.  Look at the cases of PagPop e Queremos.

. Generating revenue:  Many startups generate revenue up to a certan plateau, but don’t know how to break through .  Having  reached this first plateau of revenue generation will allow you to use the acceleration process in the most productive and aggressive way


As soon as you submit your startup, and it passes through the evaluation of the 21212 team, the mentors, and partner investors, the real work starts!


Get ready to experience lightning fast growth! Apply Here.**


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