Monocle magazine’s latest issue has mentioned 21212 in an article related to Rio’s emerging digital market. In it, Rio’s importance in this market is highlighted, and the city is considered a fitting scene for tech talent to be fostered.

According to Benjamin White, one of the 21212 founders who was interviewed for this article, “There’s an abundance of opportunity in Brazil in the digital space but there’s a dearth of experience. It’s just about adjusting for lack of experience.”

In addition to Benjamin’s explanation, 21212 was featured as an accelerator composed of a strong team offering “affordable office space, introductions to investors and invaluable advice to aspiring firms.”

Benjamin Hoffman (Oficialize) and Ricardo Moraes (Memed) were also mentioned as heads of two well succeed startups accelerated by 21212.

Check out Monocle’s article below: